Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ice cream cone minus the cone!

This is the two-story hut Emilia (the other minnesotan), Becca (jellyfish victim), and I are staying in. The bathroom alone is much larger than my room in Dakar. Emilia and I decided it reminds us of a nice Minnesota cabin, due to the wooden railings. It has all sorts of little stairs and ledges and cubbies, and a little courtyard of shells outside. Spectacular!

Unfortunately our internet has been super slow. But the sun has been hot and warm! Today started out with the last four students giving their presentations and now we're all FREE! I attempted to go swimming this afternoon, but got a nice jellyfish sting on my leg. At least I knew how to care for myself this time!! Lunch was fish meatballs and rice, the sauce and veggies were delicious but I couldn't choke down the fish. Of course, it was accompanied by an ice cold bottle of Coca Cola!! After lunch, laid in the sun and wrote a column for The Trumpet, then Emilia and I went on a walk to get some ice cream. I got a magical ice cream cone, one of those pre-wrapped things, with ice cream and chocolate, MINUS the ice cream cone. On our walk back i attempted to slurp it up while succeding in getting it all over my hands, face, and even my feet (dont ask how) Back here, sitting in the hut a little longer so that I can update this, Congrats to Abbie and Caleb on their engagement!

Think I'm going to head back to the sun, work on my tan a little bit more and more than likely get hasseled by little children asking us for money (i'm wearing nothing but a swim suit, where do you expect me to be hiding money?) Baay-ma!

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