Monday, April 12, 2010

I cleaned my room

Baby Fatim 3 months old on Sunday!
I cleaned my room!
Little sisters (technically nieces if you think about the family tree), Dior and Khady
My eldery mother (in orange) dancing with a friend at the baptism
My dad and baby sister, Ibrahima and Khady. She looks scared and my dad looks like a creeper here! Ha.
My house
Two of the many cats that we have at our house, taking a Sunday snooze
A group of new friends at the wedding reception (I really need to invest in another dress!)
The gorgeous bride and groom
Mamadou and I at the wedding reception
Galerie Manege L'Institut Francais
Saint Louis 350 years Photo Exhibit at L'Institut Francais downtown
Carlou D at Just 4 U (Same group we saw in Saint Louis)
Becca playing some Senegalese pool
Me with Carlou D's sticks. I helped Maury fix Carlou D's THE DRUM with some rubber cement before the show
More soccer. There's lots of it here.
At Wartburg - My friend David sent me this photo, he missed me when he jumped in the fountain!

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  1. Is that where you found the baby? While cleaning your room!! You may wish to clean more often and see what else you find. Have a great day Amanda.